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Cape Cod

Apr. 23rd, 2005 | 08:06 pm
mood: ZzzZzzZzzZzz ZzzZzzZzzZzz
music: Nuuuuuuuutin... :-(

I am in cape cod. "Mashpee" to be exact. I'm not in the greatest mood i couldn't tell ya why but i kidna feel sick but at the same timem i wanna be wasted, or high. I have weed with me lol but i dont think its a good idea to smoke it now. I'm on sable's moms laptop and im chillin'. CALL MEE IF YOU SEE THIS lol i'm kinda out of it. Nick, Alex and sable's mom are playing "FU" this awesome card game we've played so much of lately. Sable's in "our" bedroom talking to Steve. Blaaaah, we went to P-town (provincetown) it was great. i bought like 8 rings so both hands are pretty much covered. it's awesome i love rings and i've finially got a shitload of them lol. lol sabel's brother just walked by me and was like "Wutcha dooin'?" i was like " Ehh livejournal I'm never on it." he was like " Oh cool.. Titties on rye bread." HAHAH he's so funny. Sable's mom Lori is going to be making Pina Colatas mmmm alcohol. lol i think i am an alcoholic, oh well. I wan to do something. i am tyrping without lookinf. now im looking and now im bored lol oh well I think i'm gunna go ... oh well... PEACE

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Kathleen is a sex goddes of love and... sex?

Apr. 8th, 2005 | 01:03 pm
mood: no, im feeling love struck. <3 no, im feeling love struck. <3
music: ..the songs in my head that i am singin.. in my head lol

I'm in the library.. i reall only upload when im in school cause i get so bored. i rather be on myspace but the thing is NHS blocks it with the stupid "bess". that fucking golden retriever needs to takes it's life from our society and kill its self. even though it is electronic and bess isn't really there.. shes here enough to block my sites. damn slut. anyways.. im tired.. i went swiming in the pool today. That was hell. i hate getting wet and gross and chlornie-ie.. nar-stay. i smell like ass too lol. I wanna go home, go to sleep for like.. the rest of the school year. or at least till spring break. ONE MORE WEEEEEK!!! and then school slike practically over, SCORE. soooo yeah andy's having this 20th birthday parties this weekend. hope i can "attend". meeeeh i don't like typing and i have nothing to talk about but if i stop styping and just submit this i'll be bored again and probably end up submitting another B.S journal. OO.. dammmn i was gunna be like HEY i shuld read my book.. but then i remembered i'm so awesome and i left it at home. I wanna read "Running with scissors"... hahah "she was a muff-diver, and she was diving on my mothers muff." ewwwwww MUFF. I should just pass out here and never wake up. Ok heres teh deal right now i am typing without looking im foing to type as much as i can before i duck up and loose the keys i need. syaring at the celing...dooo do do do dod like your mom in the butt haha im cheatin lol i looked at the keys for a sex caus ei lost mt place. oh well im not lookinf now this is so cool i can't beliebe i can type this well without barley looking at the keyboard. pretty sweet... so this is a long hournal aye? stilll noe looking so ming the messups caise tjos os provavly beru fucked up. ok im looking now.. hahah the typing wasn't that bad. woo im just that cool. when i type i feel liek im talking to myself. kinda weird. cause like im saying wut im typing in my head. is taht normal? who ever reads this can you tell me if its normal that i am sayign wut im typing.. cause idk if im sopose to do that lol. lol i pretty much just fell of my chair it was sweet.

"One more kiss could be the best thing. but one more liek could be the worst and all these thoughts are never resting and your not something i deserve. In my head theres only you now, and this world falls on me.. in world theres real and make believe and this seems real toooo me... you love me but you don't know who i am. Caught between this life i lead and where i stand you love me but you don't know who i am, so let me go.. so let me go."

love that song.. <3 anda. allrighty well i'm outty.. PEACE HOME SLICES

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Mar. 9th, 2005 | 06:56 am
music: emo tears

This morning I was uber late for school because there was massive amounts of snow outside and sable alex and i wanted starshmucks.. soooooo by the t ime we got it and we were in school we where like 20 or 30 mins late. sooo i had like 10 mins fo scieince left but before i got into science i had to chug my coffee so i didn't walk in with tit. now 'm hyper.. and kinda sck feeling lol.

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Schooooooooooooooool bl0ws

Feb. 18th, 2005 | 01:22 pm
music: the sound of me choking kelsey..

I'm awesome and I am in school which is not as awesome as mee HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..no. going on vacation rocks my socks... kelsey phillips is mi amor. LAA DEEEE DAAAAA. yooooooo mamma. gotta go cause I'm awesome again.

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Feb. 14th, 2005 | 08:51 am
mood: ....? ....?
music: my mp3 player. Splender "Monotone:"

Second period.. I'm in egnlish class. Forgot to double space my essay.. such an idiot. I got yelled at and blah blah blah. Idk.. whatever I'm so tired I woke up like 3 times throughout the night so it wasn't fun. this weekend was cool. naz is gunna be with bob AAALLLLLL next week so I don't have to babysit ONCE. boooooo yah beyatch, lol. so happy.. visitation is a wonderful fuckin' thing. I was hungry before but I'm not now cause got food. I think I have flowers waiting for me in the office. I'm gunna go seeeeeeeee after this class. Wow I hate imacs.. these compuer friggin' suck. I hate the keyboard and the mouse and Id on't know why that would ever make a computer that doesn't have a right click button ?!?!?!?!?!? wish I knew. mi amor katha-lane-ie was sick a lot last week. So I had lab alone. WHAT IS THAT?!!? lab alone?!?!?! lol it's all your fault kathleen all your falt. so bored I dont know what to do. I can't work on my essay.. and I got fourty mins of this class.. oh well

I've got a sinus infection and my medication makes me naueseas.. can't spell for my life. leaving now...

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Feb. 11th, 2005 | 01:14 pm
mood: I'm feelin hot hot hot ..fever I'm feelin hot hot hot ..fever
music: emo tears drippin in the library

i am lazy and i am in school and i am going to make the largest run on sentence ever and i am not going to stop cause i rock and you dont go me so i'm in the library and im bored i think i have a feever so i'm going to the doctors after school.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt run on run on run on run on also i dont care if i spell things wrong cause i'm alex and your no so go s the d what ever screw this shizzle dizzle.. bye face head

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Mariah has Inspired me..

Jan. 20th, 2005 | 06:21 pm
mood: wwweee friends wwweee friends
music: "Let me love you" Mario

about my friends... (if I miss one.. shooot me)

first off camp friends:

Mariah rocks my pants to no end.. and it sucks that her and I can't have fun and beat te livig shit out of krista this year. love ya always..

Emma, katie, Simon, Beth, Rocky and EWW sarah.. our cabin was the most unorganized besides mariah's cabin uhhh crap what was ur cabin named?? oh well. yeah Otter was soo fucked up. and then katie D coming in and sprayin bugspray to stop the "bugs" from coming in.. we'relike you fucking loser.. then claudia and the fued between me and chloe. I WON.. not really I love that girl too but uhhh she's over protective. HAHAHAHHA then my kneeeeee, and being gimpy ooo and I was the official ball porter. go fucking me yes. then yesh mariah the fire and out cook was like sleeping thru it all hahahaha. umm sneaking ice cream behind the "food shed"? sure lol. Then we got the hot glue guns revoke b/c of al of gluing our hands together. fighting becca with my crutches.. yesss. EWW NOOO ATHENA..." Ummm arn't you limping on the wrong lleg kidd-o". thenn my cabing argued about who has to scrape. heheh.. woah good times man.. so much more.. but I can't type it all lol. THE LEGEND OF ZAMBONIE LIVES ON BITCHES.

school friends:

Umm panda nipples? ewww noooo.. lol kathleenn.. "alex if you can't figure it out I'm gunna come in there and show you!" "Ummm Audra, I'm ok really." *coff* you'd like that WAY to much*coff*. gettdys burg was ridiculous.. lol the horrible tour guide wow. then " ok maria zack.. I'll make out with kathleen or alex if you kiss each other." *me and kathleen start to daydream and drool." HELEYNA!!!

In school umm glomp?? haha babbit. wow I don't know where to start. alex being madly ubsessed with mike. Lily and marc dating. Audra almost making me loose lily as a friend b/c of my party. Hating the middle school in general.. thank fucking god we're all outta there aye guys?? Kyle and Dannille's fucked up relatioship.. heleyna's maddness. Smashing in to lockers at full speed and embarressing marc to no end. My weird relationship with nick. Filicia and her sex-ness. All the ppl I'm friends with now and wasn't before.

Omg kelsey.. religious class hahahahahhaha. woooo. that's all I got for now, jes a walk down memory lane for kicks. All inspired by mi camp amor mariah. I'm guna miss you this year. Don't worry I'll get ppl to take pics of me beatin the shit outta krista and send em' to ya.. lol

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Jan. 12th, 2005 | 06:58 am
mood: noooo sleeep AHHH noooo sleeep AHHH
music: "Dream" - The Game -

Today was eventful day.. well my mo is gettin a divorce and my step dad is becoming violet because he dosn't want to get divorecd. He's like, " I'm gunna kill you, I'm gunna burry you and your bussiness." he's threating her really badly. SOOOOO we were at my ma's friends house till late last night like 11:30 because she was like, " Don't worry theres no school." So we didn't leave till late. I got to bed at like..12:00. I woke up and I was like PLEASE NO SCHOOOOOOL!!!! and... we have a delay. Fuck a duck man. So I got back to bed. I wake up theres a huge back up all the way to Monroe because I live on 34 it's a main road. THEN I got out there to get my bus and find out that a part of this huge tree in out front yard broke off broke our electrical wire pretty much all off my house and the tree was in the road and the cars couldn't go by. Soo then the firedude was like well your ma needs to call her electrcal place. And he's like well I can't let the 18 weelers go by because they'd snap of you wire. So on each side of the road there was like.. 4 5 maybe even 6 18 weelers that couldn't go by. I sat outside for so long awaiting my bus but it was pouring so I got soaked. Jesus man. So my ma brought me in and I missed like all my scence class. Which is cool cause I don't lke science. But I was sad because Mrs.Ziehl is sssoooo hot, I didn't get to watch her work tht sexy gold belt. I really feel bad for her tho.. she looks so bored wih life and alone. Ugh.. anyways not I'm in the library eating food and I shouldn't beeeeee. oh well..sex me good lover

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Hot? uhh I think soo

Jan. 7th, 2005 | 01:20 pm
mood: Mmmm tounge piercing...<333333 Mmmm tounge piercing...<333333
music: this really annoying ring coming from the computers...

I have a new guy fetitsh, well I never really HAD a guy fetish but now I have one. Hehe, Katha-lain-ie knows twat it is. It is a tounge pierceing. Holy crap that's the hottest thing I've ever seen on a guy. I thought guys thaught that was kinda like for gay guys or something like that. I didn't know striaght guys did it. wow, I was at my brothers ex-gf's house her name is Lauren right? My brother has a friend Darren who is also friends with other people like Lauren, omg he's GORGEOUS and he's got a really pretty girlfriend. Anyways, he's got short, jet balck hair that's spiked. He's got the brightest eyes you have EVER seeeeeen. like bright blue or green. it feel like he's lookin right thru you. he's beautiful. so lauren walks over (mind you Darren is at her house a long with his girlfriend and this kid named Chris Katen who I've known for ever) to me and is talking to me and then she's like, "hey Darren come over here for a second." he walked over and was like "what?". So told him to stick out his tounge at the same time she did too right? They both have tounge piercing, Lauren's I was aware of. But uhh... Darren's I wasn't I almost fell over. My god that is the hottest thing ever. Whooo, I'ma tell Andy to get one :D lol. Anyyyywayyyyssss, tis currently 1:25. I'm in teh library awaiting the bell. I need to write and e-mail to a friend so I'm not gunna type much longer. I don't have to much homework tonight. But I gotta make up some stuff. I just reailized I never have anything good to talk about. lol kathleen *makes jacking off movment in science* STOP IT!!!..*matt looks over* *katha-a-lanie continues*...I start laughing and I'm like IGNORE THAT...*he hides is head*..."thanks kathleen now he thinks I'ma S-L-U-T. well obviously I am. Also according to Sable, I wanna be jes like her, and I use her and abuse her and alll I ever wanna do is look cool. Also that our friendrealtionship is shit and that shewas only friends with me because she felt bad for me. Wow, mean much?? ohhh well. Anyways 1:30 and I still gatta write DAT e-mail NIGGA. so I shall...bb l8er y0 y0 ? sur3 h0mm13. ahahahhahahahah MWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH..hah...ha..h..no..


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Bitchhhhhhhhh </3

Dec. 29th, 2004 | 12:28 pm
mood: UGH UGH
music: Incubus " Pardon me "

well... I am no longer friends with sable. all she ever does is accusme of things and she called me adn my friends some mean ass names. I don't evenw anna go into details. shes a...idk what she is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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